Appreciation in this Day and Age

August 23, 2016

I don’t want to be a hypocrite and say that I have never communicated to the people who matter the most to me through a text message or through email. I do sometimes cringe when someone says, “I am just a text away.” Yeah, I get it. So easy, so fast, so accessible. In this fast paced kind of living that we have, technology has made it very convenient for us to tell our family, friends, or acquaintances “What is up?”, “What is happening?”, tell them how much they mean to us, or just a simple “Hello!” — all through a click of a button. Sent.

However, don’t you think that it is quite contradicting that something so personal is expressed in a not so personal manner?

That is why, I am glad that there are still people who stick to traditional ways of communicating through — pen and paper, of course!

And so here I am, ecstatic to have received in my mail custom made notecards and notepads from Notera Philippines. What better way to write your personalized messages on personalized notecards and notepads, right? You can choose from a billion designs! Okay, maybe not a billion, but there are a looooot of designs to choose from.

These are the ones I chose which perfectly represents my personality and taste, let’s look at them upclose…

Makes me want to be in highschool again and start passing style!

Makes me want to be in highschool again and start passing notes…in style! ( A 50 sheet notepad is Php 90 only.)


This is the notepad with matching note card….very classy!

Yes, so that character is me! Love it!

Yes, so that character is me! Love it! 


I am very particular about the quality of paper that is used and I must say, this is quality. Here are more notecard designs that I chose…


In a nutshell, I love black, white, pink, and gold. (12 pcs. notecards with envelope is Php 120 and 24 pcs. notecards without envelope is Php 180 only.)


I might just add, these make great gifts as well! And don’t you worry, there are a lot of other colorful templates available. That is just me and my strange obsession with black, white, pink, and gold. Personalized is always the way to go. Exactly why I love these cards! Thank you, Notera Philippines!



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